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About Nissi

We are the preferred micro lender for businesses and individuals as we provide quality products and services efficiently in order to exceed our most discerning customer's expectations.

Nissi Contacts

Tel: +264 61 227267
Cell: +264 81 4566456

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Personal Finance is one topic that a lot of us do not discuss or share notes with anybody. We are quick to judge at others that go extra miles to solicit funds to cover unexpected expense such as funeral arrangements, school fees, water bills from a micro lender. We are forgetting that we also owe someone, banks, clothing companies and others which does not differentiate us from the word borrower.

Please,do not judge the book by its cover and let us encourage one another to have Positive Loans not negative ones. When you see a friend seeking financial help from micro lenders or banks,tap him/her at the back and say "Positive Loan".

Our LoanscashLoans Namibia

  • Dial a Loan
  • Emergency Loans
  • Back to School Loans
  • Bridging Loans
  • Personal loans


  1. Three Months bank Statement
  2. Original ID or valid passport
  3. Two Latest Payslips